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      October 5, 2018

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  • What is E-Discovery Software?

    What is E-Discovery Software?

    When all the documents are relevant for a case, the work of a document review attorney can be straightforward. However, this is often not the case and, when presented with the documents related to a certain case, these professionals often realize that relevant and irrelevant files are mixed together on a hard drive. This can make the process harder for any lawyer. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of tools available that can facilitate the document review process. The following lines discuss the latest software trends in this area.

    Speeding Up the Process

    The software commonly used to conduct document review work are also known as e-discovery platforms. They are often used to simplify or speed up the entire process by finding the relevant information a contract attorney needs to assess certain documents that are relevant to a case. But how do these platforms work?

    Well, the basic idea is that the user needs to point such an application to the folder containing all documents received from a client, which are relevant for a particular case. Next, the application will look for certain keywords and analyze the relevance of the information present in all the documents. These well-thought out products are heavily used by contract attorneys to speed up the document review process.

    Each application usually comes with its own set of filters that are used to drill down the information needed for the completion of a case. For example, this could range from searching for relevant videos by their file extension to analyzing emails and finding phrases that are relevant to the customer. E-discovery platforms available nowadays are customizable and allow for various sets of data.

    Can These Tools Reduce Legal Costs?

    Documents contain very useful metadata that is lost when they are printed on paper. This precious information can be decisive for a case, which is why contract lawyers rely on e-discovery platforms so much. In addition to this, however, software can also help reduce legal costs for clients, which is another major advantage.

    Since most contract attorneys are paid on an hourly basis, hiring a professional that uses the latest software available in the document review process is always to the advantage of the client, because the costs will be significantly reduced. In addition, the client should be aware of some tips that could also reduce costs in the long run.

    For example, the first thing to know is to never mix relevant with irrelevant documents. As a client, do your best to load as few documents as possible and pick the ones that are relevant to your case. In this way, the contract attorney will not waste precious time scanning for relevant information in documents that does not apply to your case, and you will therefore end up paying less.


    Last but not least, you could also purchase a license for one of the professional software programs used for document review. Such a tool could help you determine what the relevant documents are so you can make the work of an attorney easier.

    Rahul D. Yodh is a Principal of Link Legal Search Group, a boutique legal search & staffing firm that provides lateral attorney recruitment and contract attorney services to organizations nationwide. For more information on Link Legal Search Group, please visitwww.linklegalsearch.com