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      January 23, 2017

      With Cowboys season over and a good weather forecast, I decided to cross some home maintenance off my list on Sunday. First on the agenda? We had some cracks in the concrete walkways around our house that needed to be patched before they got worse and turned into a bigger problem. My wife had suggested I hire someone to tackle the chore, afraid that I would cause some s...

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    One Time Immigration Project


    A leading energy company was contemplating a new venture that would require them to obtain employment visas for a large number of foreign nationals. If they retained outside counsel to handle this project, it would significantly impact the profitability of the project where it would not have been viable.


    The General Counsel reached out to us to help with a solution. We were able to put together a small team of contract immigration attorneys whose work would be reviewed by outside counsel. This was the best of both worlds. They had their outside counsel approving the work without utilizing the expensive associate attorneys from the outside counsel firm.


    The project was completed on time at one third of the project cost of outside counsel handling the work. The venture was initiated and was a tremendous success. The success of this venture led the client to take on additional projects in similar areas.