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      October 1, 2019

      Link Legal Search Group Announced as Texas Lawyer 'Best Of 2019' Winner

      Dallas, Texas - Oct. 1, 2019 - Link Legal Search Group, a division of JURISolutions, Inc. (JSL), has been selected as the first-place winner in its category in Texas Lawyer's 'Best Of 2019.' Texas Lawyer's 'Best Of 2019' includes several ...

  • General Counsel Search For A National Homebuilder


    The management team of a national homebuilder had determined that they needed to hire a General Counsel. They wanted to be more efficient with their budget. By hiring a General Counsel, they could reduce their outside counsel expenses while at the same time add an expert to the management team who could help provide legal guidance to company executives in every major decision.

    However, their human resources department did not have any experience on legal searches and had trouble generating qualified candidates.


    The human resources department new they needed help. They had other positions to fill and the search for a general counsel was using up valuable resources and time. They turned to us to handle the search. After a series of meetings and calls with the Director of HR and management team we were able to create a detailed needs analysis profile. More importantly we developed a relationship with the Director of HR as a trusted advisor, someone who they could count on to get the job done.


    Using the needs analysis profile we were able to generate several qualified candidates for the position. We set each candidate up for a round of screening interviews with the Director of HR. After the 1st round of interviews, the client selected 2 candidates to meet with the management team. The client ultimately selected one candidate who had an expertise with the unique legal issues surrounding the residential home building industry. We assisted the client in structuring a competitive and attractive offer for this candidate and secured the candidate’s acceptance.

    The best part of this case study is that this candidate was such a success with the client that a few years after being hired as General Counsel, she was promoted to President of the company! By investing the time on the front end to conduct a proper search, the client achieved the best results.