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      October 1, 2019

      Link Legal Search Group Announced as Texas Lawyer 'Best Of 2019' Winner

      Dallas, Texas - Oct. 1, 2019 - Link Legal Search Group, a division of JURISolutions, Inc. (JSL), has been selected as the first-place winner in its category in Texas Lawyer's 'Best Of 2019.' Texas Lawyer's 'Best Of 2019' includes several ...

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    Document Review


    A 125-lawyer Dallas-based firm was faced with the daunting task of reviewing the medical records of more than 100,000 claimants who had just reached settlements with the firm’s biggest client. Unless they pulled associates off of other cases, they were not going to be able to get the records reviewed in time. On the other hand, they recognized that if they hired additional attorneys and support staff, they would not be able to retain them after the project was completed.


    The firm managers knew they needed help. They reached out to us to help solve their problem. The project itself was not complicated, just very time consuming; the records had to be reviewed in order to complete a corresponding checklist. Working closely with us, the firm’s management organized teams primarily made up of contract or project attorneys, paralegals, and clerks. Partners and associates, who had worked on the cases and were familiar with them, led each team.


    The plan was a success. The medical records were reviewed well before the deadline, and in the process, the firm added to its bottom line. By bringing on additional billable staff, the firm was able to expand its revenue-generating capacity. They could bill the time generated by the project attorneys and staff, with a very manageable overhead expense. At the same time, the firm was charged only a fraction of this rate for the hours each project professional worked and did not have the traditional burden (payroll taxes and benefits) that comes with a full-time employee.