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      July 1, 2018

      Update July 1, 2018 - Cravath, who has traditionally been the first mover who sets the market, has now raised the bar for 2018 associate raises. They have announced a new pay scale that matches Milbank for junior associates and exceeds it by $5,000 for midlevel associates and by $10,000 for senior...

  • Attorney Career Coaching

    Attorney Career Coaching

    Why Do You Need a Career Coach?

    The job marketplace for attorneys can be daunting. You can waste hours, come away frustrated and not land your dream job.

    At a small firm wanting to move to a bigger firm?

    In private practice and want to move in-house?

    Considering changing practice areas?

    At a plaintiff’s firm and want to move to a defense firm?

    A partner level attorney who doesn’t have a book of business?

    Already in house and want to move up?

    Looking to relocate to another city?

    Each of these scenarios presents its own set of pitfalls. You need a coach to help guide you through this process. You need a coach who can prepare you to overcome the challenges you are going to face before you embark on your journey.

    We are experienced attorney recruiters who have placed candidates with AmLaw 100 firms, Fortune 500 companies, elite boutiques, regional firms, startups, local firms and emerging companies. If there is a job search scenario, we have seen it.

    A leading personal finance website tackled the topic of career coaches recently. Read more here: Can A Career Coach Help Advance Your Legal Career?

    What Does Career Coaching Include?

    When we commit to coaching you, we will:

    Conduct two 30 minute coaching calls every month

    Polish your resume so it conveys the story you are telling and positions you for your dream job

    Optimize your LinkedIn profile and transform it into a POWERFUL tool that spotlights your skills, experiences AND impresses your prospective employers; and

    Offer you unlimited email and text support.

    During these one on one interactions we will help you develop a realistic job search plan by assessing your transferrable skills, education and experiences.

    The Job Search. We will help you craft a story that positions you for your ideal job. We will teach you how to market yourself for the position you want. We will share best practices on traditional and nontraditional job search methods. We will help you navigate the world of Applicant Tracking Software. We can work with you to improve your networking skills.

    The Interview. When it’s time for you to go in for your interview, we’ll make sure you are prepared. We will share valuable market knowledge with you about different employers and individuals within that you might be interviewing with.

    The Offer. When it’s time for an offer, we can tap into our treasure trove of data and tell you what you should expect as fair compensation. We can arm you with information to help you negotiate a better offer.

    The Resignation. After you’ve accepted an offer, we can walk you through the resignation process. When is it right to accept a counteroffer? How do you resign without burning bridges?

    The Change. Once you start your dream job, we can guide you through your first few weeks. First impressions are important. How do you walk in and assimilate with your new team? How do you navigate new relationships?

    How Much Does Career Coaching Cost?

    $450 for 1 month of coaching.

    $250 for each additional month.

    Tax Deductible. Career coaching is a tax-deductible expense.

    The American Bar Association discussed details on coaching for attorneys and standard pricing. You can read it here: Professional Coaching For Lawyers

    Success Stories

    A junior attorney had 2 years of litigation experience at a small local law firm. After less than 2 months of working with us, he was able to land a job with a midsize Dallas firm as a transactional associate making 20% more than his previous high salary.

    An associate attorney who had been working at a small suburban estate planning law firm. She had a growing family at home and wanted to find a job with more flexibility. After less than 3 months of working with us, she was able to land a job with a premier downtown firm, that offered her a reduced hours schedule AND paid her 10% more than her previous job even though she was working fewer hours.

    An experienced patent attorney at a mid-size law firm who had a desire to move in house. He had a very narrowly focused practice. We helped him rebrand himself and within 3 months of starting his coaching with us, he had accepted an offer to become Vice President of Intellectual Property at an emerging company that included a raise and a significant equity position in the company.

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