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      October 1, 2019

      Link Legal Search Group Announced as Texas Lawyer 'Best Of 2019' Winner

      Dallas, Texas - Oct. 1, 2019 - Link Legal Search Group, a division of JURISolutions, Inc. (JSL), has been selected as the first-place winner in its category in Texas Lawyer's 'Best Of 2019.' Texas Lawyer's 'Best Of 2019' includes several ...

  • When Are Candidate’s Receptive to New Opportunities?

    Lateral Partner Search

    With Cowboys season over and a good weather forecast, I decided to cross some home maintenance off my list on Sunday. First on the agenda? We had some cracks in the concrete walkways around our house that needed to be patched before they got worse and turned into a bigger problem.

    My wife had suggested I hire someone to tackle the chore, afraid that I would cause some sort of concrete disaster. I was stubborn and after watching several YouTube videos, I took the trip to Home Depot to get my supplies. $100 and an hour later I returned with a trunk full of supplies. After watching a few more YouTube videos, I realized that I had to take another trip to Home Depot for some supplies I missed. Back home, I set out my supplies and got to work. First step, cleaning the concrete with a wire brush. After spending a good hour on my hands and knees scrubbing the concrete, my back ached and I was wondering if I bit off more than I could chew. I looked over at my stack of supplies that I had yet to open and thought about cutting my losses, but then I thought about the time it would take trying to find someone to complete the job, and decided to press on.

    Just as I started to scrub again, a truck slowed and then pulled up to the house. The driver hopped out and proceeded to ask “Looks like you’re patching your concrete walkway. I do concrete work and could do it for you for $150.”

    Timing is everything. 3 hours earlier, I was dead set on doing this myself and would have told the concrete professional “thanks, but no thanks”. 3 hours later and I would have already finished my project and would have said “where were you 3 hours ago?”.

    What he had done was to reach me when I was in pain, literally and figuratively, and present an offer that was hard to refuse.

    I’m telling you about this incident because it so clearly describes why law firms retain the services of professional recruiters. It is 2017 and the war for talent is at its peak. Passive recruiting strategies of posting ads and soliciting referrals from your employees are not nearly as effective as they were 5 years ago. The most qualified attorney candidates are generally happy. They are not out their looking for a new job.

    The best talent acquisition strategy in 2017 is the one that I execute for many law firms around the country. I proactively reach out to the best and most qualified attorney candidates and communicate a message that allows them to see how my client’s opportunity will help them during their moment of “pain”.

    This proactive approach combined with my knowledge of the legal landscape will result in your opportunity reaching a candidate when the timing is just right for them to seriously consider it.