Link Legal Search Group Completes Associate Search

Recruiter for partner attorney placements Link Legal Search Group Completes Search for Business Transactions and Intellectual Property Associate Dallas, Texas – Link Legal Search Group has recently completed a search for an Associate Attorney specializing in Business Transactions and Intellectual Property for Underwood Perkins, PC. Sophilia Wu, formerly with boutique Dallas law firm Mullin Law, PC, has joined Underwood Perkins, a midsize full service Dallas law firm. Link Legal Search Group Principal Rahul D. Yodh said... Read More

When Are Candidate’s Receptive to New Opportunities?

Lateral Partner Search With Cowboys season over and a good weather forecast, I decided to cross some home maintenance off my list on Sunday. First on the agenda? We had some cracks in the concrete walkways around our house that needed to be patched before they got worse and turned into a bigger problem. My wife had suggested I hire someone to tackle the chore, afraid that I would cause some sort of concrete disaster. I was stubborn and after watching several YouTube videos, I took the trip to Home Depot to get my supplies. $... Read More

Where Are The Former Shannon Gracey Attorneys Going?

Recruiter for partner attorney placements Just before Thanksgiving, Shannon Gracey, a firm with its main office in Fort Worth and additional offices in Dallas, Houston and Austin announced that they were going through some major changes. In a statement released by Rich Lowe, the firm’s managing partner said that the firm, which has a “long legacy of legal integrity and community involvement,” has seen a number of its partners retire at the same time that others left the firm. “With this in mind, the current partners are considering a v... Read More

2016 Associate Attorney Bonuses

Associate Attorney Bonuses On Monday November 28th, bonus season officially began for AmLaw 100 firms when the elite New York firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore announced associate attorney bonuses. Cravath has long been the market leader when it comes to associate compensation, so it wasn’t a surprise that many large law firms followed Cravath’s announcement with associate bonus announcements of their own. In most cases the firms matched the Cravath scale, but in some rare cases, firms beat the Cravath scale. 2016 ... Read More

Fortune Magazine Asked Us About Resumes

Link Legal Search Group Estate Planning Link Legal Search Group Principal, Rahul D. Yodh, spoke with Fortune Magazine and about things that might get a resume eliminated from consideration before it reaches the hiring manager's desk. Check it out hereRead More

2016 Associate Salary Increases

For the first time since 2007, AmLaw 200 firms are raising associate salaries. The new standard scale is: 1st year = $180,000 2nd year = $190,000 3rd year = $210,000 4th year = $235,000 5th year = $260,000 6th year = $280,000 7th year = $300,000 blogpost For a quick refresher, most firms (aside for some regional differences) in th... Read More

Using LinkedIn To Increase Your Originations

As an attorney, if you want to be a bigger originator and business developer you need to have a strong network that refers business to you. Unless your practice is largely consumer oriented (criminal defense, personal injury, family law, etc.) you get a large percentage of your business through referrals. Referrals could come from current and former clients, attorneys in other practice areas, other professionals or your personal network. Worried that your network is too small? Perhaps you don’t have ... Read More

Patent Litigation Is Changing. Don’t Get Left Behind!

I’ve read several headlines over the past year talking about how Patent Litigation is slowing down and how it might be (gasp) a dying practice area. That’s why a post this week on Above The Law titled “Is Patent Litigation Dead? What Gives?” really peaked my interest. The author attended a panel bearing the same name that featured some prominent speakers from the world of IP Law. How is Patent Litigation Changing? Patent litigation is perceived to be slowing down because ... Read More

Counteroffers – Not Limited To The Mavericks & DeAndre Jordan

As a Mavericks fan, watching the DeAndre Jordan saga unfold yesterday was disappointing. However, as an attorney recruiter, I have been unfortunate enough to be on the wrong side of a counteroffer a few times in my 13+ year career. It happens once every few years and when it does, it always stings. For those who are not NBA fans, a quick summary of the DeAndre Jordan saga – superstar NBA free agent verbally accepts an offer to leave the LA Clippers and join the Dallas Mavericks. League rules prevente... Read More

How Will The Drop In Oil Prices Impact The Legal Market?

What does the drop in oil prices mean to the Texas legal market? The Texas Lawyer tackled this question recently in 2 separate interviews with Tim Shelby a Partner with AZA in Houston and Lydia Protopapas a Partner with Winston Strawn in Houston. shutterstock_23506431...				  <a href=Read More