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  • Biggest Mistakes to Avoid on Your Resume

    Biggest Mistakes to Avoid on Your Resume

    Regardless of your qualifications, you should keep in mind some important points when writing your CV or resume and sending it to your employer. Unfortunately, many candidates still make some basic mistakes, such as misspelling the name of the company for which they want to work. The following are some common mistakes that you are advised to avoid if you want to be successful in your job search.
    Using Irrelevant Phrases

    Be prepared to apply for a specific job requirement according to the company’s description of the position. This may be tiring, given that most people apply to multiple companies in the same day. Even though your resume will reach various employers, do your best to personalize it according to the needs of the company with which you are applying.

    In terms of content, even small differences like the omission of the fact that you own a car if you are applying for a position as a driver, for example, can give other candidates a higher priority than you.

    The Subject Line of Your Email

    When you apply to several jobs in the same day, it is normal for your brain to get tired and lack creativity. However, even if you cannot compose a unique subject line for every company with which you apply, avoid common mistakes such as using exclamation marks, and definitely watch out for spelling errors. If you feel tired after sending a large number of applications to different companies, you should take a break and continue at a later time.

    Asking Questions in Your Applications

    It is always good to ask questions, as this means you are interested in a particular job and want to be informed. However, make sure that those questions do not damage your candidacy. Do not send questions before your resume. Employers will likely not have a discussion with you until they have read your resume.

    Being Overqualified

    Even if you have published two novels, made ​​the layout for a successful book or played in a drama that paid more than the salary of the job for which you are applying, you should definitely not look perky or arrogant when writing your resume. There is a delicate balance between how to say you are qualified and highly qualified without seeming arrogant. Of course, you want the employer to know everything about your achievements, but you should not give the impression that you are too good for the job.

    Not Following the Classic Steps
    It is amazing how some people fail to respect some simple steps when writing their resume. Some candidates do not read the job announcements entirely or even apply multiple times to the same company because they forget they have already sent an application. So, make sure you are organized if you want to be successful with your applications.


    Employers want exactly what the employee wants, so make the job of your future employer easier by sticking to the classical steps of the recruitment process. Failing to comply with some basic rules may create a bad image of you as a candidate.

    Rahul D. Yodh is a Principal of Link Legal Search Group, a boutique legal search & staffing firm that provides lateral attorney recruitment and contract attorney services to organizations nationwide. For more information on Link Legal Search Group, please visit www.linklegalsearch.com